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Be the best you can be. BOOK a Private Lesson with Grand Master O’Neill.

He will  teach anyone regardless of what group or federation you belong too.

You can choose to focus on any particular aspect within Taekwon-Do, Example:- Patterns, Instructor training, All types of Sparring, Power etc.

GMO will happily travel to you if you have a local venue available, or if you wish to travel to him he has a Private Do-Jang to use.

                                       As a professional Grand Master Instructor

                                       GMO is available at any time during the

                                       week on weekdays or weekends.                                         To book a session simply contact Grand

                                       Master O’Neill on any of the means shown below & discuss with him your requirements. - He will provide Video & Photographic feedback/corrections.  

If you wish to be considered for promotion and wish to be graded by GMO, he will happily check your credentials & offer a Private Promotion exam with him, this especially useful if you’re an independent instructor.

As well as being a Taekwon-Do Instructor
GMO is also a KEWAP Instructor. For
Information about these courses click the
KEWAP logo here.
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