Grand Master Ray O’Neill IX Dan

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Grading History
Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan
promoting GMO to
IX Dan Grand Master
Having amassed loads and loads of Certificates from attending International Courses with the
Founder and Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha, as well as obtaining loads of International Qualifications,
Here below are the Main Dan Grade Certificate Promotions.
I Dan.jpg
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II Dan
4th November 1984
V Dan.jpg VI Dan.jpg VII Dan.jpg VIII Dan.jpg IX Dan
12th November 2016
I Dan
27th March 1983
10th August 1986
IV Dan
17th September 1989
V Dan
7th March 1993
VI Dan
8th March 1998
9th March 2003
9th December 2008
Wallet Cert - I Dan.jpg Wallet Cert - II Dan.jpg Wallet Cert - III Dan.jpg Wallet Cert - IV Dan.jpg Wallet Cert - V Dan.jpg Wallet Cert - VI Dan.jpg Wallet Cert - VII Dan.jpg Wallet Cert - VIII Dan.jpg Wallet Cert - IX  Dan.jpg IX Cert.jpg
Golden Jubilee
Presentation Plaque
IX Dan Certificate, Belt
& Epaulettes
Grading Record.png
My Licence Booklet Grading Record
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