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Grand Master Ray O’Neill IX Dan

     I started Taekwon-Do due to having a terrible School life being subjected to Bullies as well as suffering from bad asthma.

Having left school and grown out of asthma I decided to change my life and found the Martial Art of Taekwon-Do  being taught Locally in Amesbury.

I soon found that I adapted very well to Taekwon-Do and decide to study it properly. My initial Instructors were:-

Mr. Steven Haskins I  Dan,

Mr. John Lyzba I Dan

Mr. Lenny Pritchard I Dan.

After taking over the Stonehenge TKD School in 1983  I progressed steadily up the ranks under my new Instructor Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha the Father  of British Taekwon-Do.

2004 I turned Taekwon-Do Into a profession and became a professional Master Instructor.

In 2016 Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha promoted me to IX Dan Grand Master.

Having spent most of my Taekwon-Do life within the United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Association (UKTA) under Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha IX Dan. Sadly in 2011 Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha left the UKTA and became an independent Pioneer of Taekwon-Do. Grand Master Cutler then President of the UKTA and Myself as National Secretary decided to follow Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha, We both resigned from the UKTA. Grand Master Cutler then founded Authentic Centres for the Excellence of Taekwon-Do (A.C.E) in 2012 and is the current President, along with myself as Vice-President.

Although part of ACE we have an open policy similar to TKD’s Founder Gen Choi Hong Hi and our Instructor Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha whereupon we will teach anyone who wishes to learn regardless of rank and affiliation. There is no one we will not accept to teach or help to develop.

My aim is to maintain the integrity of the Founder Gen Choi Hong Hi’s Art through the guidance and instruction of my Instructor Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha. IX Dan

Taekwon-Do has given me the honour of travelling to many wonderful parts of the World.

As long as I’m able to do so I will continue to teach Taekwon-Do to anyone who wants it

regardless of who they are or where they come from.